Today I saw a wonderful quote about reading and having too many books :

“Having a huge number of books is not about reading them all – Its about the possibility of reading them all”

How true this is about yarn?

We have so many amazing crafters who come into the shop and tell us about their stash of yarn and/or fabric, we have our lovely regular customers who have become friends – they show me pictures of yarn storage and often craft rooms full to the brim with squishy gorgeousness. If they worry about having too much I would always suggest that we cannot have too much as it is not about the unfinished projects and how many boxes we have stuffed to the gunnels – it is always about the endless possibilities, all the resources we need to make some wonderful and unique pieces.

Every handmade piece whether it is crocheted, knitted, sewn or felted never existed before we made it, it is unique in its individual style, its colour, its fabric. When we learn to make something it opens up a new world of endless possibilities, we can create things to to keep us warm , to comfort us, to comfort others ,to look amazing in and to bring joy both in the making and the using.

A stash of yarn or fabric provides comfort and not stress, we go to it when we have ideas, when we need inspiration or when we just need it. In this world of uncertainties our ‘stash’ is our unmade comfort blanket, it is often our escape when we enter a world  – a world of endless possibilities.

enjoy your stash,


Ali xxx