Hello lovely loves!

I thought I’d better put all the details of our Winter Ponch-o-Long in one place so that you can all refer to it as you need to.

You’ll soon be receiving your kits in the post and I’m thinking you may well want to make more or you are stash diving and need to know yarn amounts.

This project is mega flexible but here are the rough amounts that you’ll need. There are always variations in tension but I think we’ve covered even the loosest crocheter.

You’ll need approximately 800m of your main coloured DK yarn (A) and decreasing amounts of your 5 contrast colours 100m and less. Some of your kits are made up of all 100g balls so you’ll be fine for everything. Some kits have some 50g balls in so you’ll use most of your first contrast colour (B) but there is enough.

There will also be kits made up of only two colours and I suggest that you just do your colour changes to suit yourself. Just go with what looks good to your eye. As I say this is a really flexible project.

When you receive your yarn lay it out and chose which order you’d like your contrast colours to go in. Don’t overthink it…just have fun with it. Then snip a small piece (2cm) of each of your colours. Stick them on a piece of paper and label them from A through to F and this will really help you as you go along.

You’re going to need a 4mm and a 5mm hook. You want your poncho to be nice and drapey so if you’re a very tight crocheter you may want to go up a hook size.

This poncho is one size fits all and you can make it as long or short as you like, yarn allowing. Mine is medium length. If you have more boobage to cover than me, you might want to make yours longer. There will be info about where to do this as we go along so don’t worry.

We’ll be releasing the pattern in 4 parts starting from 13th November. I’m aiming to post it at around 10am. It will be on our Instagram and Facebook pages as a series of photographs. It’s really simple, I promise. Then I’ll be posting it weekly for the next three weeks at the same time.

We love to see photos of your work so please tag us in your progress shots as you work through the weeks using the hashtag #poncholong so that we can share them in our stories on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any questions you can post them in the comments section and Nyree and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. Just make sure you’ve read everything thoroughly first, and I’m hoping that you’ll also help each other where you can in case Nyree and I can’t answer straight away.

The posts will remain on our Instagram and Facebook pages permanently so don’t worry if you start late or want to make lots.

This is such a great project for a Christmas gift… they’re quick and fun to make and they’re surprisingly cosy so fill your boots, as we say in the U.K.!

Lots of love

Amanda, Julie and Nyree XxxxL