This pattern is really simple, perfect for someone new to knitting who wants to try using circular needles. Or if, like lots of us, you wear mitts all winter, you can whizz up a few pairs of these without breaking the bank. It works really well in the Stylecraft Head over Heels sock yarn but you could make them with any 4ply sock yarn.


dc – double crochet
ss – slip stitch
htr- half treble
tr – treble Ingredients

1 ball of Stylecraft Head Over Heels in colourway Red Pots (designed by Lucy of Attic 24).

1 set of 2.5mm circular sock needles (they are the very short ones). A scrap of red 4 ply yarn for the flower decorations.
A bodkin for weaving your ends in.


Cast on 60 stitches. I used the long tail cast on method which you can find easily on YouTube. Join your last cast on stitch to your first cast on stitch, with a slip stitch, to form a circle. Make sure that your stitches aren’t twisted your needle.
Round 1-92 Knit.

Round 93. Place a stitch marker. Cast off 21 stitches and knit rest of round to stitch marker. Round 93. Cast on 17 stitches and rejoin to the knitted stitches, leaving a little slot in the mitt. This will be longer on the bottom than the top.
Round 94-137. Cast off.

The top and bottom edges curl over, which makes a really attractive edge.


I crocheted 8 little flowers, using some scrap yarn and a 2.5mm hook.
Make a Magic Ring (lots of tutorials on YouTube)
Into the Magic Ring, (1dc,1htr, 1tb, 1htr , 1dc, 1ss) 4 times then join to first stitch with a ss. Pull your Magic Ring closed and use the tail to sew the flower onto the end of the slot in your mitt. I sewed 2 flowers at each edge of the slots and did a French knot in the middle in the Red Pots Yarn. If you don’t want to do a French knot you could sew a tiny button into the centre of each flower.

And there! You have a lovely cosy pair of mitts! You can make them in any colour and decorate as you fancy. Let your imagination run wild!